Hina Wain

Lab Manager

Hina is a recent UTM graduate, pursuing a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology in 2018. She is exploring the understanding of Moral Psychology both within the self and interpersonally. Her research interests include the clinical implications of studying personality pathology, specifically for improving assessment and treatment techniques benefiting individuals and groups. She is looking forward to her third year at the SKIP Lab!

hina.wain@mail.utoronto.ca or skiplab.ut@gmail.com


Michael Carnovale

Honours Thesis Student

Michael’s research interests are generally concerned with clinical psychology and psychological assessment. Specifically, he is interested in the assessment of emerging models of pathological personality traits (e.g., the utility of multi-method assessment with self- and informant reports), and the psychometric properties of scales designed to assess these constructs and other forms of psychopathology (e.g., using latent variable modeling; relating existing scales with new models). Lastly, he is interested in investigating the dynamics of psychopathology across time.


Reema Mobeireek

Honours Thesis Student

Reema is a psychology specialist student currently working in the SKIP Lab to complete her honours thesis. Her interests lie in social psychology, particularly with regards to meta-perception and meta-accuracy. She explores how these constructs intersect with psychopathology, which represents her interest in clinical psychology.